More Collaboration to Promote Innovation

-As shared by Stephanie Alexander.

George Mason University‘s Center for Government Contracting report kinda makes our point – we need more collaboration within GovCon AND we need the non-traditionals to play an active role.

There is a role for everyone in this ecosystem – from the large integrators who can duct tape the solution together and make it work (my very technical term…given this covers everything from missile systems to the use of nanotechnology to cure cancer) to the small company with an innovative approach to a problem and everyone in between.  OTs provide the vehicle to bring the solutions without the bureaucracy. Consortia management firms (CMFs) herd the cats that are the consortia members and help streamline the process. Consortia members collaborate directly with the government to try to figure out the right solutions…not just parroting back a known technical solution. Hence “innovation” and our constant chatter about small business change makers. Members also collaborate with each other to bring the best technical solution.

It really does work. But the government has to take a chance and has to be just as invested in the process as industry. Critical to all of this working effectively is the communication that happens between members, between government and industry, and from the CMFs to their members and the government.

Read the full report here.