The Role of Systems Integrators in GovCon

-As shared by Katie Bilek.

At govmates, we know a thing or two about teaming.  Since our inception, we’ve made over 32,000 matches and nearly 8,000 teaming introductions; a majority of those introductions were made to large systems integrators or primes in seeking of non-traditional or small teaming partners across defense and civilian programs.   

Systems Integrators (SI’s) exist to help the government solve large, complex problems, and to integrate multiple systems and technologies that may not typically communicate with one another.   

That role has evolved over time – some traditional defense primes have evolved to include the role of an integrator their offerings (in many cases, via acquisition of smaller, mid-tier organizations).  Other private equity-backed platforms have emerged to be a more agile, innovative integrator with all the structural benefits of a robust organization while still maintaining a lean mindset.   

The SI’s that will emerge as true leaders in the federal contracting community are those that embrace a forward-thinking mindset. They invest in their relationships, and ensure their partners have access to all the resources needed for success.  They incorporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into their processes, engaging partners in underrepresented communities.   And, they use their size as a force for good – one that can benefit both their government customers and their teaming partners. In teaming partner speak, we call that a win-win.