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Defining the Valley of Death

-As shared by Katie Bilek What is the Valley of Death? According to the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), it is “a phenomenon faced by many startups when trying to do business with the Department of Defense … where a vendor transitions a prototype or commercially available product to a DoD contract.” This acquisition gap period typically […]

5 Tips for Conference Season 

-As shared by Meg Kerns. “It’s the most wonderful time of the….” wait, scratch that, wrong season. But conference season is upon us. I had quite an informative conversation with Chelsea Meggitt of Collaborative Compositions about the best ways to make conference season work for you and your business. You can listen to the conversation […]

Making it Easier for Small Businesses to Succeed in GovCon

-As shared by Stephanie Alexander I recently wrote an article about why it’s so freaking hard for small businesses to succeed in GovCon. It stirred up a lot of comments including a whole part 2 that we’ll write about in the future. But for today, let’s take the opposite approach. What can we do to make it easier […]

The Role of Systems Integrators in GovCon

-As shared by Katie Bilek. At govmates, we know a thing or two about teaming.  Since our inception, we’ve made over 32,000 matches and nearly 8,000 teaming introductions; a majority of those introductions were made to large systems integrators or primes in seeking of non-traditional or small teaming partners across defense and civilian programs.    Systems […]

Why is Working in GovCon so D@#n Hard?

-As shared by Stephanie Alexander When I talk to someone who says they are starting a government contracting firm, I immediately ask them, why?!  For those of us who have been in the industry long enough, you may also have this knee-jerk reaction.  Why in Pete’s name would you want to enter this industry and […]

Artificial Intelligence & Ethics in GovCon

-As shared by Hannah Altman Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we interact with the world; the applications seem limitless. But as with any nascent technology, its growth is moving faster than the speed of regulation. This is especially concerning when world leaders – the United States as well as its near-peer adversaries – […]

Alternative Procurement Vehicles

-As shared by Meg Kerns I’m adding to your buzzword-bingo card today. Let’s have a brief chat about OTs, SBIRs, and STTRs. Or Alternative Procurement Vehicles – Other ways of finding work available, especially to businesses specializing in a variety of topics who are working the research, development, and prototyping angle. And chances are, if […]

More Collaboration to Promote Innovation

-As shared by Stephanie Alexander. George Mason University‘s Center for Government Contracting report kinda makes our point – we need more collaboration within GovCon AND we need the non-traditionals to play an active role. There is a role for everyone in this ecosystem – from the large integrators who can duct tape the solution together and make […]