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Office of Strategic Capital: Funding Critical Technologies

-As shared by Katie Bilek At the recent R&D Capital Summit during TechConnect World, I had the pleasure of hosting a discussion with Jared Evans, Director of the Transition Acceleration Program (TAP) at DoD’s Office of Strategic Capital (OSC).   As a cofounder and former partner at AFVentures, Jared brings an incredible perspective of scaling technology ventures to […]

Out-of-Office, GovCon Style

As shared by Meg O’Hara. Managing your small business while still finding time for summer activities with your family can be challenging. The summer season is often slower for many businesses, GovCon included. However, with careful planning and effective management strategies, you can maintain and even encourage growth during this period. Today, we will explore […]

What is CUI: Controlled Unclassified Information

-As shared by Derek White, Chief Product Officer, Cuick Trac Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is information that requires special handling, protection and dissemination controls even though it isn’t classified information. These security controls protect the data’s integrity privacy, and are essential practices for contractors handling this type of information. Possible consequences of failing to protect […]

Sea, Air, Space | Conference Matchmaking Report

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a govmates matchmaking in DC! The Sea Air Space 2023 matchmaking event brought together 23 large systems integrators, defense primes, and government agencies and 84 small businesses, non-traditional defense contractors, and academia to discuss their capabilities and explore potential partnerships. The event was held over two hours and […]

Why Capital is America’s Differentiating Asset

-As shared by Katie Bilek The December launch of the Office of Strategic Capital by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is an initiative that seeks to harness the power of American capital markets in support of our national security. The role of private capital in US DoD projects is a differentiating factor in what can tip […]

OTAs | Why They Work

-As shared by Meg O’Hara In the innovation space, it’s no secret that many developing technologies are created outside of the Federal ecosystem. In fact, some of the most forward-thinking technology is housed solely within the commercial space. As that is the case, how can the government discover, adapt, and deploy new solutions without sacrificing […]

MedTech and the DoD

-As shared by Hannah Altman Medical innovations can be transformative. As such, since the onset of COVID-19, there has been a renewed interest in public health technology. Here at govmates, we have hundreds of members on the cutting edge of medical technology. Let’s talk about three emerging innovations and what they can do for the […]

Why is Dual Use Technology So Important?

-As shared by Katie Bilek As it pertains to our federal ecosystem, the concept of dual use technology seems desirable.  What’s not to like? Building and creating a mutually beneficial technology or product leveraging economies of scale while enabling the performer to forgo the typical mind-numbing bureaucracy that ensues when doing business with the government […]

Teaming in GovCon: Why Does It Matter?

-As shared by Stephanie Alexander Government contracting is all about inherently helping the US government solve its problems. Those problems are solved using taxpayer dollars, and therefore there is a higher accountability than in other industries. This underlying truth is the basis of all things in GovCon. With this truth comes the realization that most […]